the weekly makeup blather


So apparently I need to talk about makeup more often, because it jacks my stats up.


Makeup makeup makeup!

(Also, I think the fact I posted that video of Johnny Weir skating to Poker Face the other day bumped me up as well. I guess I’ll have to talk about the Gaga and controversially-clothed figure skaters more often.)

Parenthetical statement aside, that probably doesn’t count.

And the rest of this only sort of counts, because I’m going to tell you about a few bunch of my favorite things. Thus shall this post be more of a general beauty/hygiene/gushing about stuff I love sort of post. It’s a mixture of makeup, skin care, high(er)-end and drugstore stuff that I really dig. And you’ll like it, you hear? Please?

Comments lots, kbai!

In no particular order:

  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It just plain rocks my socks. It keeps things (things = eye makeup) from creasing, it holds everything in place. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes, and because I still don’t wear makeup religiously every day, I forget I’m wearing it sometimes and rub my eyes. This stuff keeps the majority of it in place despite that. I’ve got a tube of UD’s Primer Potion as well, but I prefer this (I’ve found that the UDPP creases on me, before I’ve even put on anything over it, so I don’t use it very often as I have to be really careful with it).
  2. Avon Face Perfector thinger. It makes my face nice and matte, and it tones down my natural ruddiness (seriously, people think I’m wearing blush on the regular—I don’t even OWN blush). It’s a primer, so I suppose technically I’m supposed to put foundation over it, but it goes on clear and I don’t wear foundation, so… meh.
  3. Boots No. 7 Calming Serum/Lotion Thing. (Can you tell I’m doing this from memory and don’t have these products in front of me?) Again, another product to even my skin tone out and calm down my ruddy cheeks. At least I don’t need blush, I suppose. However, I do feel like this just calms my face down and evens it out a touch, even if it doesn’t really make me look less flushed.
  4. Maybelline Lash Blast Great Lash mascara. I’d read on one of the many Beauty blogs that I frequent—or perhaps on Yahoo—that lots of MUAs swear by this stuff, even though it’s a drugstore brand. So I tried it, because it was cheap and I needed a new mascara and blah blah blah. Love it. Love the little brush; it makes me feel like I can get to the bottom of my lashes without poking myself in the eye with mascara. And I can get to the wee little lashes at the corners without doing the same.
  5. Garnier Nutrisioniste Skin Renew Lotion. I think this is a newish product. I got it as a sample with a purchase of one of their other products, because I use another one of their day lotions with SPF, and I fell in love. It’s super light and makes my skin feel happy. It doesn’t have SPF at all, so I use it at night (when I remember to moisturize at night, anyhow). I also occasionally use their face cleanser/makeup remover wipes, because I’m lazy and don’t always physically soap and water wash my face twice a day. Yes, I’m probably going to be stoned for this. I’m aware. (Or maybe they just updated the packaging. I don’t know.)
  6. Lush Ocean Salt Face/Body Scrub. If I were to award any of these things an instant Holy Grail for me, it would be this. Seriously, the best scrub ever. I’m a fan of Lush’s products, even though I don’t like a lot of the smells, but this is gonna be the one I stick with for ages. I only exfoliate about once a week or so, and this stuff makes my face feel baby skin soft without drying or tightness or any of that nasty shit. It’s a scrub, not a wash though, so make sure you have something gentle to wash up with afterwards. And moisturize to maximize the awesomeness. It ain’t cheap, though. The larger size will set you back nearly forty bucks, but if you only use it once a week or so, and don’t use a whole lot of it on the rest of you (I do occasionally spread some around if I’ve got mega-dryness) it’ll last you a while, but you’ll still use it all before it expires. I would save up just to make this purchase if I had to.
    P.S. Yes it has salt in it. No this isn’t bad for your skin. No worse than the acids in a lot of the shit we put on our faces, anyway.
    P.P.S. Dear Lush, Please make this stuff easier to find on your website. Thanks, Lizzie
  7. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm. I’ve used this stuff for years. Since before they changed the name from Soothing Night Time Lip balm or whatever it was before. It now comes in several different colors, and I buy at least two tubs of that stuff pretty much every single time I walk into a Victoria’s Secret store. It’s got a wee hint of menthol or something in it to give it a nice cooling feel and it works well. Now, if only it came in a tube; I’d buy it by the case.
  8. Nars Lip Gloss. Do I really need to explain this one? I have the new Ophelia, which makes my lips just a wee bit more pink and well-kissed, and Dolce Vita. I also have Orgasm, but I’m not sure the rather intense peachiness of it works on me. I think I’m a little coolly toned for it. I must be one of about four people on the planet who doesn’t really like the look of Orgasm.
  9. Sephora OPI nail color. Specifically Metro Chic. I own at least three bottles of it (though in my defense one is Matte). It’s quite possibly my favorite color of nail polish ever, and it is certainly the color that led me down the path into my current obsession with taupe/grey/brown colors. LOVE. ❤ even.
  10. Biore facial cleansy/makeup removery wipes. I buy a box at Target that comes with two packs of thirty in it. For under ten bucks. For a Biore product, I count that a pretty good deal. I like them. They’re good for wiping away most makeup and for doing just a quick swipe over the face to destroy shininess and oil build-up without over drying. I like them.
  11. MAC Kohl Power eyeliner in Raven. I love this eyeliner. It’s a fabulous sort of bronzey color, and it looks awesome on. It’s my new favorite.
  12. Aromaleigh eye shadow from the Eye Plush collection in Prim Tweed. It’s pretty much the perfect base color (or highlighter!), a sort of taupey beigey grey off-white. And it’s got some shine to it without being HEY LOOK WORLD, I’VE GOT ON SPARKLY EYESHADOW. AREN’T I EDGY? Because I don’t tend to go for that look too often (not that there’s anything wrong with super sparkly eyeshadow. I own plenty; I just don’t wear it on a daily basis. More power to you if you can pull it off. For reals). I originally purchased a sample (or requested it as a free one on an order, I don’t remember which), and the very first time I tried it I knew I would need a full-sized jar. It goes great with… well, pretty much anything. Speaking of Aromaleigh….
  13. Aromaleigh Nourishing Color Crème in Candy Cane. Love. LOVE A LOT. I wear it like a lip balm, though I don’t believe that that is strictly what it is. It has just a hint of color to it, a real creamy color; it makes my lips look just a touch frosted, and I dig that. The smell is quite nice also. It’s definitely pepperminty and cool, but it isn’t overpowering at all, and it fades nicely without doing so too quickly.
  14. MAC lipstick.
  15. OK, MAC in general. I’m having a raging, intense love affair with MAC right now. Have you seen the pictures of the upcoming Give Me Liberty of London collection?! WANT. IT. ALL.
  16. Mary Kay eye makeup remover. One of my bestie bests used to sell MK. And really, it’s not the old lady line you think it is. They have some really nice stuff. (Seriously, if you’ve ever smelled Velocity for Men and not swooned, you probably aren’t human.) I love in particular their oil free eye makeup remover. Unfortunately I no longer have any and don’t have the sweet MK hookup so I don’t use it anymore. *Sad Face*

OK, I think that’s enough for now. Anybody want to share any other neat stuff I should know about? Apologies for the lack of pictures, I really don’t have the patience to go looking for them all right now. However….

Coming soon: pictures of the latest hauls. I went on a bit of a spree recently, although I’ve tried to cut way back. I’m trying to keep a moratorium on makeup purchases for the month of February, because I want to be able to justify buying practically the whole GMLoL collection when it comes out. Unfortunately I keep seeing Spring nail colors that I want. Bah.


2 Responses to “the weekly makeup blather”

  1. I really like my Ecco Bella mascara and ZuZu Luxe eyeliner pencil. I’m gonna have to hunt up new foundation/powder soon since my old BeautiControl (thanks, Mom!) is crumbling and running out anyway. It’s such a bitch to find good vegan stuff in stores, and I’m afraid to buy foundation online because then I can’t tell if the color’s right!

  2. 2 Michelle

    I must have some kind of makeup radar. Haven’t read your blog in a few days, pop by today, and whadya know? You’re talkin’ ’bout makeup! It’s like I can smell it. So yeah. I just feel the need to submit my vote in favor of Great Lash mascara as well. It’s a controversial product: professionals swear by it, but the general beauty community seems to shun it. I loves it! Tried scores of mascaras in my day and among them I would repurchase only two; Lancome Definicils and Maybeline Great Lash. Since it only last 3 months or so anyway, IMO, high end $50 mascara can suck it!

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