And she’s just my type


I had a moment of crafty inspiration this weekend. I was trying to find a particular necklace throughout my rather ridiculous horde of jewelry, and it just wasn’t coming to hand. I need a better way to organize this crap, I thought to myself. Because having all these little boxes of things and wee jewelry holders everywhere just isn’t cutting it. I have too much here to be able to remember it all every time I go looking for the right necklace to wear.

I spent a bit of time thinking about it, and came up with a really super simple solution. It’s hopefully temporary until I come up with something more creative and fun, but for now, I have a bulletin board acting as a necklace organizer! Go me!

I went to Target and picked out some cute pushpins. They’re colorful and have balls on the ends, so the necklaces won’t slide right off. I used a couple of command hooks and hung up a bulletin board that I already had and had never used on the wall above my bed. This seemed like the best place for it at the time, because it’s both easy to get to and near a light, so I can see what’s going on.

I then went to town with my necklaces. There are actually still a few that aren’t hung up, but those are mostly ones that I haven’t worn since I was in high school or earlier, so I didn’t bother with those.

Check it out:

Yes, it is really basic right now. I do have plans to change it, however. I was thinking that I would get some fun fabric to cover the cork in at some point. I am sure I can find some cute remnants or something at Joann’s, if not in my own house. I am also planning to either paint or stain the frame to coordinate. The next hurdles to cross are the ones of figuring out a) how to display/keep track of all the various random pendants that I have but don’t have enough chains for; and b) figure out a way to display my earrings as well. I am thinking that ribbon would be good for the second one, if I can find nice ribbon that the earrings will pierce without bending. I tried to just jab the earrings into the cork, but it’s too hard for them. I am also thinking that safety pins and ribbon might be a good idea for the pendants as well. I can either attach the ribbons going horizontally across the top and tack it on either end to do the frame (or pin it), or I can hang the ribbons vertically down the sides, tacking just the top to the frame (again, or pinning it).

However, for the time being, this will do nicely. 🙂


2 Responses to “And she’s just my type”

  1. I love it! So pretty and such a good solution. All mine are in boxes all tangled up. Good job, crafty Lizzie. 🙂

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