I know I’ve said so before (though perhaps not since I switched blog hosts), but I love to travel. It’s so exciting and new and different. I love going to places I’ve never been before (as should’ve been exhibited by my recent trip to Boston); I love the journey. I love going places where I have loved ones; California here I come.

I even like airports. I find the bustle exhilarating. I am a consummate people watcher, and airports are a beautiful and wondrous place for it. (OK, I don’t like LAX. But that’s because LAX is a horrifically bad place to go.) I love the silly little newsstands all full of shiny magazines. I always buy new magazines before a trip, and that’s just about the only time I let myself do that anymore.

I don’t, however, like flying. In fact, I kinda hate it. It sucks anymore. It’s cramped as all hell (and remember, I’m a midget), there’s zero leg room; and that’s before the dude in front of you reclines his seat. The food is crap and isn’t even free. The movies are edited. What’s up with that? The air gets so dry in those cabins it’s a wonder I don’t get nose bleeds every time I fly. It makes my ears hurt. It takes forever. (I could go on.)


Except, you see, when you fly first class.

Which is what I’ll be doing this evening (huzzah for mileage upgrades. Also: neener neener). I’m going to California for the rest of this week to visit my Nannie and chill out and hang out with my Cuz. It’s going to be awesome. I’m hoping to get to Santa Barbara to meet up with the awesome blondesavant Wednesday evening (provided the jet lag doesn’t kill me first). I don’t think I’ll be able to get to LA this time around, though I might end up in the Valley one night with the Cuz. LA ‘jibans: alas, I don’t think I’ll get to chill with any of you this time around (THIS SUMMER, THOUGH. OH YES.).

Free booze. Free food. Hot food! Leg room! A comfy seat! I shall be living it up the way the other half does. And probably sleeping most of the way out.

So there likely won’t be anymore posting this week, poppets. Catch you next Monday or Tuesday!

You know you’ll miss me.



4 Responses to “too-ta-loo”

  1. I hope one of the steerage passengers whacks you in the elbow with their roll-aboard as they struggle to their teeny-tiny box of a seat. I know I would, wench.

  2. Bring me some of those wee bottles of booze and all will be well!

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