dogs and cats living together; mass hysteria!


I had a massively unproductive weekend. Figures.

Things I was supposed to do this weekend:

  1. Clean my room
  2. Clean the bathroom
  3. Vacuum
  4. Clean the litter box
  5. Hang out with my brother and his friends for his  birthday
  6. Hang out with my favorite vegan Friday evening
  7. Grocery shop
  8. Make a quiche
  9. Do laundry
  10. Volunteer time at the Walters.

Things I actually did this weekend:

  1. Tidied my room; rearranged some of the piles.
  2. Volunteered time at the Walters.
  3. Took care of my brother when he was so drunk he didn’t know where he was until after the fourth time I told him, was throwing up in the alley and wouldn’t stop arguing with me about how pissed at him I was. I wanted to kick him in the head.
  4. Bought milk.
  5. Saw Alice in Wonderland.
  6. Bought books that I don’t need, naytheless wanted because I had an hour to kill before the movie.

In other words: nothing but unproductiveness. Bah.


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