recent eye candy


Things I’ve seen recently:

Caprica: I’ve had the two hour pilot/premier/Sy-Fy event from Netflix for something approaching three months now (nb, also The Plan). I finally got around to watching it, and I think it was rather prescient of me to wait as long as I did. I wasn’t overly impressed. The dialogue didn’t strike me as especially exciting or clever. And people saying frak in the environment shown was plain weird.

The camera angles that conveyed a sense of urgency in the original BSG felt overwrought and annoyingly shaky. Do you really need that shaky camera thing in a “family drama”?

Many of the characters seemed flat, as well. Granted, I haven’t written it all off because of that, not yet anyway. I tried to keep in mind that the entirety of the show was a set up for the rest of the season, and I can respect that. There were however, several moments where a character acted in such a way as to make me feel not as though that is how that person would act were they real but simply to move the plot forward.

So, yeah. I’m not sure about this one yet. I’m not iffy because it’s too much like BSG, but rather that it doesn’t feel different enough. It doesn’t feel fresh, or like they’re really looking for something new to do.

Alice in Wonderland: I know, I know, I’m pretty much exactly Tim Burton’s target audience, and have been since I was about six. I’ve come to accept, even embrace it. I’m a fan, though I’m not a fangirl. I haven’t seen all of his films, though most of the ones I have seen I adore. Especially Sleepy Hollow. Damn I love that movie.

I didn’t love this. I enjoyed it. It was pretty; it was very Burtonesque. Johnny Depp did his thing. I didn’t quite understand the Scots accent, though. Helena Bonham Carter was fabulously over the top, and Anne Hathaway was as white-washed and bland as one would expect the White Queen to be. She’s so nice. But… eh, I didn’t love it. I was underwhelmed.

I think I’ll watch Sleep Hollow again tonight, though.

Spartacus:  Blood and Sand: Holy shit that’s a lot of naked people and blood.

What, you want more than that? Sorry, there really isn’t much more than that. Oh sure, there’s the ostensible plot about “Spartacus” (who isn’t actually, but is at least Thracian, and enslaved) trying to win his freedom so he can kill some legatus and rescue his wife.

I think what I enjoy most about this show is the disclaimer at the front. I’m pretty sure that the Romans, despite their bread and circuses, weren’t really all that much more brutal or sensual than we are. They were just more open about it, in some ways.

Chuck: The first two seasons were better. The whole Chuck and Sara thing is old. Casey is still awesome, and Brandon Routh is fucking beautiful.

2012: Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But you’re also talking to a girl who owns the special edition of Independence Day, and who watches The Day After Tomorrow every single time it’s on FX. I love disaster movies. The more ridiculous and lacking in plot but overflowing in contrivances and impossibilities according to the laws of physics, the better.

So yeah, I kinda loved it. Not gonna lie.


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