Two Sundays ago, I went to see Alice in Wonderland. Along with half of the rest of the state of Maryland. I had no idea there would be that many people at the theater at four on a Sunday afternoon. I kept telling myself that I should’ve waited til Monday night to see it.

Oh well. That’s not my point.

One of the trailers before the film was for How to Train your Dragon. And call me a sucker, but damn do I want to see it. I love dragon things. And they look so adorable. So, yeah. Mark me down for probably renting that as soon as I can.

And then there was the trailer for Nic Cage’s new movie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

I think I need an intervention, because I really would like to see this film. I think I might love it when Nic Cage plays Crazy Nic Cage, as he is so clearly doing in this picture. It just seems like he has such a ball doing it. I can’t help but enjoy that.

Also, I think Jay Baruchel is sorta cute in that uber-geek sort of way.


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