Peep this, yo


I’ve done this once or twice before, but I’ve a feeling that since I’m now jobless it’ll become a more regular feature: thoughts on things I’ve recently watched. It’s a good way to start off the week, no?

Caprica eps2-8: Well, I’m still watching it, anyway. It’s started to grow on me, but it doesn’t yet feel quite right. And it doesn’t have the instant attraction that BSG had for me either. There are still things that some of these characters do that feel more like they’re doing them to forward the plot than because it’s something that person would do. I feel like Graystone is the worst at this. One minute he’s a grieving father, the next he’s a ruthless business man. And I feel similar about his wife as well.

Also, I’m getting annoyed that Adama hasn’t found his damned daughter as of yet. You’re drawing it out too long, folks.

Angels & Demons: Look, it was on Insty-Watch Saturday afternoon and I was looking for something I wouldn’t have to think about too much while I was watching it. And I’ve read the book. I was curious. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen either. Hell, there are worse movies that I patently adore. I do miss when Tom Hanks was funny, though.

Also, there’s a term for priests who look like Ewan McGregor (and those who look even a little bit as good as him): Father What-A-Waste. :~)

Inglourious Basterds: Yanno what? I didn’t love it. I enjoyed it, but I suppose I was expecting more from Quentin this time around. I think at this point he’s far more impressed with himself and his skillz than I am. Which I realize is part of his strange appeal: he doesn’t give a shit what people think of his movies, he’s making what he wants to make. I can accept that. And I think that he’s a good director, an actor’s director. But still, anyone that impressed with himself is going to annoy me. More people need to get over themselves. I would be interested in seeing him do a real collaboration at some point, though.

Brad Pitt? Eh, yanno, I generally like him a lot better in his less serious roles (Rusty in the Ocean’s movies, or in Mr & Mrs Smith) (although I do enjoy him as Louis as well). He seemed maybe a bit too hammy for this.

And so much of it just struck me as utterly pointless.

Christoph Walsh was every bit as delightful and amazing as I’d heard, however.

Oh, and I really hated it that [spoiler redacted] Hitler.


2 Responses to “Peep this, yo”

  1. 1 Michelle

    That’s funny, I felt like the thing that saved Inglorious Bastards was that it didn’t take itself too seriously. Huh. Different strokes, I guess.

    So anyway, speaking of ‘shit we’ve been watching’, I got sucked into a Syfy channel marathon of the british import ‘Merlin’, yesterday. My thoughts on that are as follows. Cheesy? Check. Lacking in topical research/ period accuracy to an almost embarrassing degree? Check. Stilted, awkward dialogue? Check. Me somehow managing to like it anyway? ….. check. I can’t explain it, cuz believe me, this show is ass. Maybe it’s just that I’m a sucker for all things Arthurian. Maybe it’s that I want to babysit/ molest Collin Morgan. (Kidding! ;P) Either way it’s going on the Netflix queue. Have you seen it?

    • no, I have not, but CLEARLY i need to posthaste. adding it to the queue! is it on insty watch at all?

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