told you this was going to happen more often


Well, what do you expect? I’m jobless now, remember? I spent Sunday afternoon and evening watching films, including:

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan – Meh. Very very meh. It always bugged me just a wee bit how they shoehorned in the Final Five during the final season. You know as well as I do that they were totally pulling this shit out of their asses as they went along, so don’t try to con me into believing that the so-called Plan of the Cylons was there all along. It wasn’t a plan, it was a tantrum, that’s fine. But don’t conflate it into being something it’s not.

I wasn’t much impressed with this. Too much old footage, not enough new plot. Only a “must” if you’re a hardcore fan, and then only if you want to be pissed off.

Up In The Air – My, what a sad movie. Somehow, it didn’t ever feel morose or depressing to me, though. I do have a tendancy to get down when I watch a movie like this, but this one sort of did the opposite for me. I felt, not uplifted, but sort of bouyed by it. I’m not sure why. Normally I’m not able to quite love movies like this; something to do with depression and loss of my own I think, but I loved this movie. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it at all often, but I loved it.

Also, George is really a much better actor than he’s often given credit for. There was a single moment towards the end of the movie when about twelve emotions are skittering through his eyes and I just burst into tears at the evident pain. That’s real acting right there, folks. Vera Farmiga is good, and that Kendrick girl is really quite surprisingly delightful. Watch this instead of BSG: The Plan.

Julie & Julia – I feel as though I’m likely regurgitating the sentiments of numerous others with this, but I really could’ve done without the Julie portion of this film. Granted, I’m sure that some of this is the fact that Meryl Streep’s acting is worlds away from that of Amy Adams, but part of it is that the Julie character is simply annoying. And incredibly self-centered. They tried so hard to make her sympathetic, and all they did was convey whinyness and narcissism. I really could watch a whole movie about Julia Child’s life, though. That would be awesome. Someone get on that, ok?

I saw previews for a couple of films that I really want to see at the beginning of Julie & Julia, though. One was Coco Before Chanel, another was Bright Star. I will have the former of those coming soon, as well as Public Enemies and *coughcoughNewMooncoughcough*

Look, I’m dying of curiosity, ok? I’ll drink a bottle of wine while I watch it, promise. Maybe I’ll RTR it, too.


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