but they don’t try nearly often enough.


Thursday last week, my girl Michelle and I decided to go out. I’m all jobless and stuff now, and she was on Spring Break, so it was one of those rare weeknight outings that is almost never a very good idea.

We both got all dressed up in spring dresses and cute heels and lovely faces, and we went to Tapas Teatro, which is right next to the Charles Theater. Great food, all of it. We ordered several dishes. One was spinach and crab meat in a cream sauce, another was shrimp and rockfish with tartar sauce. There was a dish with behbeh potatoes, capers and octopus of some sort. The final dish was artichokes and shrimp in a tomato cream sauce. We were both bummed that one was last, because it was awse, and there was no way either of us could finish it.

We drank this lovely cocktail with ginger and elderflower that tasted like alcoholic ginger ale, but with a bit more of a fresh ginger taste. It was delightful.

After our lovely dinner, we crossed the street to the Club Charles. It was totally dead when we got there. Which we commented on, until we realized that it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. We’ve turned into those lamers who go out really early.

Oh well. We had some drinks, we chatted with our adorable bartender, we flirted with the cute guy. We took a cab home. I gave everyone ridiculous tips that night. It was the first of three busy busy days that I’m still recovering from.

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