slacked off this weekend


I have three movies from Netflix, but I only got through one of them at the weekend:

Coco Before Chanel – Enjoyed it quite a bit. Felt that it was well done and just long enough. They could’ve continued on with Chanel’s life, but they stopped just as she started to design clothing. There was a lovely blur at the end, where her designs could just as easily have been from last year’s spring shows as from shows from the early years of last century. Audrey Tautou is still a delightful actress, seemingly angry and vulnerable and sarcastic all at once. If you can hanlde subtitles, I recommend this quiet little film. Also, Alessandro Nivola is pretty hot. 😉

Lost S4 – I’m about halfway through this seriously shortened season. It’s a mindfuck. I am certain I’m going to end up with more questions than answers. Lord only knows when I’ll be able to actually catch up on the final season. My brother isn’t keeping it all on the DVR! BLAST!


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  1. 1 Sameway

    Audrey is always The one <3.

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