philly friday


I actually made really good time going up to Philadelphia; only took me about two hours, despite a couple of slow downs on the way up. None of them lasted too long. I met Nicole at her house, dragged all my crap into her house and we got a snack. I love that there’s a Wawa right around the corner. I’m insanely jealous, actually.

I did Nikki’s makeup for the night, which was a lot of fun. I think I did a good job, too. I’d actually never done someone else’s makeup, so it was a nice new challenge for me. It’s totally different from doing my own, and I enjoyed it. Her sister drove us into town to the Field House, where we met up with Stacey and Shepard and headed into the bar for the party.

Julie’s best friend Jay had organized a huge bash for her 30th birthday. It was amazing; there were so many people there! Julie told me later that there were people she’d gone to high school with there. I finally met Court, who’s awesome.

Right before Julie arrived, John and Gretchen showed up, so we all sat together and formed the Pajiban table. Six of us equals a miniBacon. We all had a blast, perhaps except for our waitress. She wasn’t very good. She wasn’t the worst ever, but she was never there when we needed her. And isn’t that her job? To show up just as folks are getting ready to finish a drink and ask if we need another one?

Then she forgot to put in my order for mozzarella sticks. Now, I wasn’t in imminent danger of going low, but I definitely wanted to get something to eat to sop up some of the beer and keep my sugar from dipping. Nikki pulled her aside and pulled the diabetic card for me. It was awesome. I got free cheese sticks out of it, too. And she brought them out in about five minutes. I don’t pull the diabetic card very often, but it always amuses me when I do, or when someone else does for me.

It had been a long day for most of us, so we didn’t stay too late. We got to chat off and on with Julie–who did a fabulous job of making the rounds and I swear she had an entirely different drink every time I saw her. I don’t understand how she was even able to get out of bed Saturday morning.

It was a great party, and a great night. I love my friends so much it surprises even me sometimes.


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