Carol Burnett


The finale of my whirlwind weekend of fun last weekend was going to see Carol Burnett at the Lyric with my mother Saturday evening. Mom had told me about it several days beforehand, and at first I was reluctant. I did, after all, just leave my job and I’ve only got a finite amount of money to get me through the rest of this year. (And I haven’t even done my taxes yet!)

But I changed my mind. I came to the conclusion that it would be unlikely I’d ever get a chance to see Carol Burnett talk ever again. And I adore that woman; she’s one of the funniest people on the planet. Recognize.

So after I got home from Philly Saturday afternoon, I took a shower and got dressed yet again to go out. I refused to give in to how tired I was, even though my thoughts were starting to spiral, as they have a tendency to do when I’m overly tired. Stupid thoughts.

Thankfully I was able to forget that spiral soon enough. Mom and I went to Carrabba’s for dinner. They had white sangria, and it was so good. After that, I drove us down to the Lyric and we shuffled into the overly crowded foyer of the theater. They were selling Carol’s new book in the lobby, and we sidled up to check it out. I was going to pass, until I saw that they were all autographed. Win! So mom and I both picked up copies of the book. I read a bit of the intro while we were waiting to start; the basic premise is that she took all the stories that she’s been asked about most often during her years doing these conversational evenings and wrote them all down for posterity.

I’m really looking forward to reading this for the CBR 2.

The show was delightful. It started out with clips from her show of her answering questions from the audience. That’s what the show is based on, so this was a sort of refresher course for the audience, so we’d know what to expect. Then herself came on stage, to a resounding standing ovation.

She got right into it, taking questions from the audience. She’s got a great conversational style; riffing on what the audience asked and telling stories as questions either prompted them or caused her to remember something else.

Interspersed throughout the event were clips from the show. There was a tribute of sorts to the late Harvey Kormann. She showed some of her favorite moments, including the first time where Tim Conway made Harvey break character laughing on air. It was hilarious.

If that doesn’t have you practically rolling on the floor laughing–especially when you consider that Tim did that all UNREHEARSED–then please exit quickly and quietly before I have time to grab my axe.

Some of the questions were really dumb, but for the most part they were good. Several people told stories, a couple begged for autographs or pictures. One woman was basically in tears as she asked her question, she was so excited to be in the same room as her idol.

It was a great night, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Totally different from any show I’ve ever been to before. I’m glad that I agreed to go.

And hopefully I’m getting ready to post about this past weekend in NYC as you read this. Hopefully.


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