It’s a wonderful town


I slept almost all the way to NYC last Friday. It was fabulous. Got there, checked in, had some lunch. My burger at the little Marketplace in the hotel was practically a religious experience. It was that good. Even the pickles were amazing. They were bread and butter pickles, so they didn’t taste right on the burger itself, but they were clearly someone’s homemade pickles. So good.

We met Maggie right in the middle of friggin’ Times Square, and then couldn’t figure out where to eat dinner. Look, I won’t lie, I get real cranky when it’s getting to be time for me to eat. It’s only partly to the blame of the diabeetus. Partly it’s just that I get cranky when I’m hungry. We ate… somewhere. I dunno, it wasn’t that impressive. I had filet mignon that was overfuckingcooked. Seriously? You don’t know how to cook a steak? Argh.

Anyway, we walked down to whatever the hell street the Lunt-Fontaine theater is on to see The Addams Family. I was super psyched to see it; I’m sure you understand why. I’ve loved the Addamses since I was but a wee thing. Anyway, Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia was fabulous. Nathan Lane as Gomez was perhaps a tiny bit more hammy than I would’ve liked. He was much closer and yet a bit sillier than John Astin was on the tv show. He was nothing like Raul Julia’s version of Gomez from the movies, unfortunately.

The songs? Eh, they were ok. Not particularly memorable. The sets were fabulous, as were the rest of the actors. But the story was sort of weak, and I was really sort of personally offended at what they did to Wednesday. But still, over all, I enjoyed it.

Saturday dawned bright and clear. Fabulous weather for walking around the city. We had so many plans of where we were going to go. None of them happened, people. Well, almost none of them. Blocks don’t seem overly long until you’ve already walked eight or ten of them.

We went to Central Park and did the touristy thing– we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride. It was quite lovely, actually. After that we walked along the south side of Central Park and then down Fifth Avenue. We went into a bunch of stores. I may or may not have bought myself a Tiffany key at Tiffany. It’s black jade and I loves it.

Naps were taken Saturday afternoon. They were fabulous. I love naps.

We found a McCormick & Schmick’s around the corner from the hotel, so we went there for dinner. We considered walking around to see if we could find something different to eat, but again with Lizzie and the cranky. It was a far, far superior meal to the night before. I had catfish that was just delightful. We split a piece of apple pie for dessert that was hands down the best piece of apple pie I’ve ever had. YUMMY.

Saturday evening we did some more walking and went to Bloomingdales. That was fun.

Sunday morning we got up and walked to the diner just down the street for breakfast. It was far superior to the meal we’d had Saturday morning at the hotel, and also cost about half as much. I love diners. I love that you can trust a diner to do what they do, do it fast, and do it good.

We’d considered trying to do some last-minute touristy things before leaving, but by the time we were both packed we were both ready to just get home, so we headed out instead.

It was a nice trip. It was great to hang out with Maggie and to have a couple days with my mom, just us girls. I hope that we get to do it again soon.


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