Book 10: Breaking Dawn, by that Twilight woman


Ugh. So I finally sat down at the end of last week and read Breaking Dawn.

I don’t even have the energy to truly review it. You know what it’s about; Bella Swan and her perfect love and her perfect transition to vampirehood and her perfectly perfect child with the most terrible name ever given to any child ever. Worse even, than Gertrude or Lemonjello.

It was bad. It wasn’t even near good. It’s a quick read. Meyer never quite manages to *show* her reader the story she’s trying to convey. She does nothing but tell, tell, tell, repeatedly and uncreatively and with horrid choice of words.

Yeah, so at least that’s over with, and I can get rid of all those horrid books now. I just wish the woman would learn how to bloody well write.


2 Responses to “Book 10: Breaking Dawn, by that Twilight woman”

  1. Ha, I read those before/during my unemployment. Not gonna lie: They helped pass the time. I felt kinda dirty calling the library to see if they had any copies, though. Did you seriously *buy* them?

    • yeah, before i knew better. i buy everything. i wonder if i can donate them to the library or something. or else the salvation army. or otherwise disassociate myself with them for all time.

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