i make no apologies


Recent viewing:

The Blah Blah Blah: New Moon – I know, I know. It’s terrible. I mean, look at the source material. And I shouldn’t do this to myself. But it’s got Michael Sheen in it. Sure, he was slummin’ it. Sure, he had weird red contacts, and he was only in about two scenes… but he was so deliciously evil. He very nearly made that movie watchable. Also, and this is really weird, since I read Breaking Dawn right after watching it (get all the torture out of the way all at once, you know), but I find the movies much easier to digest than the books. I spend a lot less time giving myself a headache rolling my eyes at the movies than I did with the books. They might’ve even managed to improve on some of the dialogue. And, bonus, I don’t spend most of my time twitching at the grammar and structure!

The Duchess of Duke Street – I’ve only watched about the first four episodes of this one, but I’m enjoying it so far. Centers around a young woman in Edwardian England. All she wants to do is cook. She gets married because the King notices her and wants her to be his mistress (and when the king wants you, you don’t say no; you also don’t go to the king unmarried, because that would be unseemly. Although I’m pretty sure if the king wanted to have you as a maiden, he could just marry you off after he was done… but then maybe he did that more with the noblewomen than with the commoners); her husband is desperately in love with her. And then he turns to the boozing and the spending because she doesn’t love him even though she told him up front and he knew what he was getting into. He tries to have his way with her; she gives him hell because she’s not feelin’ it. She buys a hotel to try to get him out of his funk of not doing anything; he runs it into the ground. So she kicks him out. She works herself nearly to death trying to get out of debt. Then she falls for a friend and he moves into the hotel to help her get back on her feet.

And that’s just the first four episodes. I LOVE British television. Unless you’re British and/or possibly a generation older than me, you’ll recognize the main character (Gemma Jones) as Bridget Jones’ mum from those two movies, or perhaps as Madame Pomfrey in the last few Harry Potter movies (if you look really hard for her). It’s on Insty-Watch if you want to check it out.

Glee epWhatever: Uh… please don’t shank me, but I don’t love this show. I enjoy it, I really do. But I’m not overly impressed with it. But then, I never have liked musicals all that much. I got really bored with the secret-keeping at the end of the first half of the season, I had a really difficult time with the suspension of disbelief what with the whole fake pregnancy. So… yeah. There’s that. I’m still subscribed to it on Hulu though. So I’m not counting it as a loss yet.


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