long time, no see


well, as it turns out it’s been over a month since I’ve written a single thing on the weblog.

Oops, I guess.

But I’ve been on an adventure, y’all. I don’t even think I remember it all at this point, but I’ll try to recount as much of it as I can remember.

Right now I’m at the end of my trip, at the Grand Canyon. And I’ve got a damned cold, so I’m not doing a damned thing. Figures, eh? But I think I’ve done enough whining about this on facebook, so I will shut up about it, other than to say that I saw the canyon for sunset the other day, and have spent the intervening time in bed.

I talked to my Nannie the other day, and she said it would be nice if I came straight to Ventura instead of going to San Diego first. Which, translated from Grandmother speak is “get yer ass here now.” I think she’s been worrying and is sick of it.

So soon my life will change from hotels and desserts and pictures to… an aerobed and lots of cooking and helping out around the house and walks on the beach. And In N Out! YUM!

Anyway, coming up I’ll tell you all about Savannah and Florida and Texas and friggin’ New Mexico and Arizona. If not tomorrow, then Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow is a driving day, hopefully it will not take me more than 8 hours to get there.


3 Responses to “long time, no see”

  1. I miss yooooouuuuuuuu! So glad your adventure is going well (aside from the demon cold). Give your Nannie a hug from me!

    • miss you too, doll.

      totes unrelated, but i think i might try to learn myself some tofu cooking this summer. no place like CA to go all hippie, is there? ;~)

  2. I gots plenty of tofu tips for your hippie adventure! Lemme know if you want them. TOFU LOVES YOU!

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