I keep berating myself for not writing over the past week and a half. i’ll blame it on getting settled in here.

Well, that and the enormous amount of crap I’ve been watching on Netflix Insty-Watch.

So yeah. You can, however, look forward to several book reviews (four, total). And I might talk about some of the shit I’ve been watching. Or at least tell you what it’s all been so as to overwhelm you with the sheer amount of free time I’ve got right now. Or I might talk about cooking.

I’ll try to talk about a few of the places I saw. Savannah, for one. Texas. Carlsbad. Maybe the Grand Canyon (hint: it’s a big hole in the ground. with a stream at the bottom.)

Maybe I’ll detail my intense love of the Cosmetics Company Store, and some of the awesome makeup I picked up along my way. I’ll try to write up the IMATS after I go to that this Saturday.

Oh, and pictures. Lots of pictures.


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