blah blah blather


Today I saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with my mother and brother. I enjoyed it.

I don’t particularly subscribe to Nic Cage as a person; I mean, there’s being a fan and then there’s naming your kid Kal-El. But I generally enjoy his movies, or at least the ones he does for Disney with Jerry Bruckheimer.

Yes, I just admitted that I liked both National Treasure movies. In fact, I own them. So there.

And I have a weird sort of pseudo-crush on Jay Baruchel. Not so much of one that I actually saw She’s Out of Your League, but enough of one that I saw this and I think he’s endearingly nerdy.

I think I’d like to read the book the film was based on. It’s probably much better.

Anyway, having a strange sad this evening, so that’s it. I finished The Luxe, shall endeavor to write a review for tomorrow. Am going to read Harry Potter next.


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