T-minus 5 Days


I’m heading home on Saturday. I’m leaving in the afternoon, hopefully between 4 and 5. I would leave Friday, except I want to see my aunt and uncle again before I go. So I’ll leave later on Saturday, and drive for four or five hours or so, and then crash for the night.

I’ve started developing a plan for this week. If all goes accordingly, I got up at eight this morning (am trying to get on a sort of schedule so I don’t drag too much when driving–the earlier i get on the road in the morning, the earlier i can stop and crash in the evening), and went to the post office to mail the last three boxes home.

This afternoon I’m going to put what I’ve already got packed in the car. I’m basically planning to run myself right up to the limit of what I can do each day, so by the time Friday rolls around I basically just have some clothes, toiletries and my computer left to take care of. I’m going to sit down with my grandmother and hopefully figure out purling so I can start making myself a scarf. Then I’m going to drag her and the dog out for a walk and try to help her get over this weird fear she has of showing the damned terrier who’s boss.

We’ll see if any of this actually happens.


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