ah, well there’s the rub


Dear Reader,

You’ll likely have no clue as to what I speak, as I’m sure the majority of my readers have no clue as to one of my greater passions: the ABJDs. I love and adore them; it’s something about them that I cannot explain which attracts me (especially as I’m writing this when sort of drunk).

Anyway, I make here a statement to which I intend to adhere wholeheartedly: I will have a doll called Victoria. I will do the research and the work required to make her into a young version of the woman who would become Victoria Regina, the queen of England.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

If so happens any dollie people read this, any suggestions as to sculpts to represent Victoria would be most welcome. I am actually thinking of a Miyu from Luts, or perhaps one of the happier in appearance Dollstown girls.


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