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Meh. So I swear I saw somewhere that this book was a 19th Century version of Gossip Girl. And yanno, that’s basically what it is. Pretty, rich people stabbing each other in the back and having sex with each other, all while wearing ungodly expensive clothing and drinking lots of booze. I didn’t precisely like […]

I can say with confidence at this point that Jacqueline Carey is one of my favorite authors. It’s the detail, I think. It gets me every time. The characters don’t hurt, either. This is the second book featuring Moirinn, who’s half D’Angeline and half Alban (I’d spell the tribe, but that would require me to […]

My, what a fun little book. It’s part comedy of errors in sort of the style of Jane Austen, part romance, and part steampunk. None of which I object to. Overall, it’s a really fun and quick little read. The book revolves around Alexia Tarrabotti, a young gentlewoman of Italian extraction living in Victorian England. […]

Ugh. So I finally sat down at the end of last week and read Breaking Dawn. I don’t even have the energy to truly review it. You know what it’s about; Bella Swan and her perfect love and her perfect transition to vampirehood and her perfectly perfect child with the most terrible name ever given […]

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to get really invested in the books I read. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Dresden Files. I got up the Tuesday it was released, got dressed and went out to buy it. I was finished reading it, and practically in tears, by the […]

I purchased this book when I was in California in February. It was one of those moments of kismet; I spotted it on the shelf, saw the title and laughed out loud. How could I not buy a book with a title like “Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter“? Seriously? I snatched it up faster than you […]

Tuesday evening I finished Ilium, by Dan Simmons. This book has been languishing in one of my piles of “to be read” books for quite some time, but after I finished the Tim Powers, I wanted to transition to something totally different, but equally dense and full of plot and character. Ilium did not disappoint. […]

The Stress of Her Regard earned a place on my “OMFG BEST BOOK EVAR” shelf within the first few chapters. It quickly jumped up among such greats as The Court of the Air (I swear Nikki, I will mail this to you. SOON), and The Lies of Locke Lamora. There’s just so much to it. […]

OK, enough blather about the wedding. It was nice, on to other things. I’m woefully behind on my reading. On the other hand, I’m reading something like four books right now. I never used to do that. There’s the one that I both have a terrible time putting down and sometimes can’t quite bring myself […]

I’m a history geek, but in my not so humble opinion, the older the better. This is why my background is in ancient history, instead of American history. I’ve joked on more than one occasion that America isn’t old enough to have history. (I do believe Eddie Izzard agrees with me: “I’m from England; that’s […]