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Yeah, fuck it. I can’t do it, kids. I have had these discs sitting here for better than two weeks, and I just cannot bring myself to watch these episodes. It just isn’t going to happen. I can’t want to. So here’s the quick and dirty: Episode 2: The Target. Blah blah blah oh my […]

So, it should probably be noted up front that I totally took a break in the middle of this episode to wander off, buy a plane ticket, read fourfour, and eat some food too. What does that say about my opinion of this show (or at least its first several episodes) Also, I don’t think […]

Alan Tudyk is Alpha. Discuss.

Watched Dollhouse this morning. In fact, just finished it a few minutes ago. (I would’ve watched last night, but I had a prior engagement with Skype and my writing group. Skype was being a complete asshole last night, too.) So, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the preview for next week’s episode. I hear there […]

So what does it say about this show that, about a week and a half after watching the most recent episode, there’s not much that I actually remember about it? OK, so at least a portion of that can be blamed on the sinus infection—man was it a doozy this time. But also, it just […]

Ok, guys and dolls, this one is going to be more of a reaction than a true recap. because at this point, i know y’all have seen it, and quite frankly i don’t feel like watching it a second time to do the recap. wtf? that’s basically what it boils down to for me. it […]

Have I mentioned before that I’ve never written a recap of anything? Well, I haven’t. So here’s the disclaimer: i’ve never written a recap of anything, so I’m totally winging this. I’m watching the episode for a second time this morning while I write about it, so hopefully I won’t miss much of anything. I’m […]