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Here’s the deal, kids: I have discs one and two of Dollhouse S1 sitting here waiting to be watched. So I am going to start watching that this weekend, and write up each episode. Well, I’m not honestly sure “write up” is quite the right phrase for what I’ve got in mind. I’m likely not […]

I’ve really been neglecting the hell out of the bloog lately. I’ve been neglecting pretty much everything lately, though, so don’t feel bad gentle reader–you’re not alone. So, I’ve been doing some of that thinking thing (and really, when am I not?), and I’ve had a few ideas for things. Am thinking about re-watching and […]

Holy shit, y’all. Dollhouse got renewed. (suck it, Rowles.) You can read what I read here. So you know what that means: more lazily and hastily written “recaps” from yours truly next season! I might have to amend the schedule though. Especially if I’m back in school and working retail again. We’ll worry about that […]