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Since I wanted to get up earlier than I’ve been up in many, many a day on Saturday, I of course couldn’t sleep Friday night. Figures, yes? But I managed to get up almost as early as I wanted. Then it took me ages longer to get out the door to head down to Pasadena. […]

So apparently I need to talk about makeup more often, because it jacks my stats up. Makeup. Makeup makeup makeup! (Also, I think the fact I posted that video of Johnny Weir skating to Poker Face the other day bumped me up as well. I guess I’ll have to talk about the Gaga and controversially-clothed […]

This doesn’t really belong anywhere else but it amused me and I started writing it up and it’s short so you’re getting a second post today. Because that’s how I roll. A Conversation Betwixt Myself and My Mother: Me: I’m going to WalMart Mom: Why? You hate WalMart. Me: Oh, uh, I want to look […]

To continue in the vein of my current addiction to makeup: I’ve found that my obsession for different types of makeup sort of shifts every now and again. Now, I will always and forever be totally preoccupied with eye shadow. The possibilities are simply endless, and that really thrills me to no end. But I […]

This one doesn’t really warrant its own day, so I’m just sticking it in here tonight because I am trying to post a bit more often, and keep track of these sorts of things. For some reason. I don’t know, maybe it’s boredom. More likely it’s because I like posting a lot; I used to […]

So, I’ve been on a makeup kick lately. By “kick” what I really mean is that I’m utterly obsessed with makeup. There’s just so much of it to choose from, and so many colors that I want to try. Michelle is partly to blame for this; we definitely are a bad influence on each other, […]

Rest assured, dear reader, I’ve got plenty to write about for this week. And you’ll have to tune it to see what it’s all about. But for today, well, alas I didn’t get anything really written. So instead I’ll post pictures of things you’re likely not at all interested in. Namely, makeup. I’m a little […]