i am teh suX0rz at posting lately since I quit my job.

which is dumb, because it’s not like i don’t have plenty at least a moderate amount to talk about.

oh well. i’m not even going to promise to pick up speed here this time. but hopefully when i get home.

i’ve got several book reviews to write. i’m reading two books right now, and am not particularly enjoying either of them.

am going to add a page/section/category for the dollies, as i’ve been getting way back into them lately. have started formatting profiles for them in my head. including one i don’t even have yet. (anyone know where i can find a decent translation of “White Jade Dragon” or “Imperial Jade Dragon” into Chinese?)

that’s all. someone start poking me to do this noise, yeah?


I can say with confidence at this point that Jacqueline Carey is one of my favorite authors. It’s the detail, I think. It gets me every time. The characters don’t hurt, either.

This is the second book featuring Moirinn, who’s half D’Angeline and half Alban (I’d spell the tribe, but that would require me to go look it up and that isn’t going to happen right now, sorry). Not only that, but she’s a favorite of the gods from both halves of her ancestry. The Great Bear of her tribe has Chosen her as Her own, and both Naamah and Anael of the D’Angeline pantheon have given her gifts as well.

I think one of the things that I’ve always loved about Carey’s books and her world in general is the prevalence of magic. It’s always there, and though it’s not entirely common, it’s accepted as a real thing. For us, it’s fantasy, but for these characters it’s as real as their gods. Not only that, but the view and worship of the gods is a very real thing, and though these characters are obviously extraordinary people and I don’t know that regular D’Angelines ever feel the blessing of their gods, these Chosen ones do. I like that.

There’s some major and scary religious fanaticism in this book. And though Moirinn doesn’t feel like it, I think she’s as involved in major events of her day through no real doing of her own as Phedre was in her time. Though I know that Moirinn is destined for Great Things as the reader, she never feels like she’s an overtly extraordinary girl. Sure, she’s clearly special, but she makes mistakes and she has flaws and she does stupid shit sometimes. She feels like a real, fairly normal person.

Anyway, if you’ve read any of my previous reviews of Carey’s novels, you know I wholeheartedly recommend all of her books. Don’t start with this one, though. Start back at the beginning with Kushiel’s Dart (I think that’s the first one) and prepare to be entirely immersed for eight books.

you may be surprised to hear this, but my life in Southern California isn’t any more interesting than my life in Maryland.

I still have no job, and I still have no idea what I want to do next. I’m getting really good at second guessing myself whenever I have the beginnings of an idea, though. it’s pretty awesome.

I have been doing a lot of reading, and I’ve been doing even more watching of the Netflix Instant. I watched all of Party Down and all of The IT Crowd. I started watching The Dead Zone, of all things. Anthony Michael Hall looks funny when he’s making out with the ladies. Just thought you’d like to know.

But I get to spend time with my Nannie, who’s pretty awesome. And my brother and I are getting along surprisingly well so far. And I get to see my cousins occasionally. Oh, and the beach is five miles away, and it hasn’t once gone over 80 degrees since I’ve been here. So there’s that, anyway. 🙂



Since I wanted to get up earlier than I’ve been up in many, many a day on Saturday, I of course couldn’t sleep Friday night. Figures, yes? But I managed to get up almost as early as I wanted. Then it took me ages longer to get out the door to head down to Pasadena.

Luckily, I didn’t hit any traffic on the way down. Now, normal places you wouldn’t dream of there being actual traffic at eight on a Saturday morning, but lest you forget this IS Southern California, where the traffic gods like to fuck with people at all times of day.

I waited patiently in the long-ass will call line for about an hour. This place was jumpin; there were people who practically had “i’m a super cool makeup artiste” tattooed across their foreheads (along with their myriad other tattoos) all over the place, along with the people who were clearly like me, mostly there for the pretty and for the show discount.

I had wanted to sit in on a couple of the classes, but I didn’t get a chance to. At first I wasn’t even going to attempt the MAC or the MUFE booths, as both were INSANITY ITSELF. I ended up spending three hours in line for MUFE. By the time I got about halfway through, I didn’t want to give up. By the time I got to the end, I wanted to make sure I made it worth my while.

But that’s later in the afternoon. I did a round through the crazy crowded exhibit hall, bought some brushes and a couple other things (stuff from LA Splash, Jane Iredale and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) and I went to lunch across the street. I managed to get a few in-progress pictures of the student competition models, but I missed the main showcase because I was in line for MUFE.

I got a bunch of lab shines and aqua creams from the Make Up For Ever booth. Great discount. Super popular stuff. A couple of eye liners and one of the gold metal collection thingers. I got the one that I thought was most coppery, as I don’t have the tan to pull off true gold. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end up making me look like I have jaundice when I put it on (if so, it’s all yours Michelle!)

What else? Oh! I saw a couple famous people. Well, probably not really truly famous, but I knew who they were. Caught sight of a group of girls all dressed like they were Goth versions of Fruits girls from Japan. Once I spotted the sticker one of them was sporting I realized that the one girl was Amy slash Shrinkle, the creator of Sugarpill Cosmetics. Also, I saw Josh of Petrilude. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to snag him for a picture. Alas and alack. (He’s tiny in person. Also, super gorgeous.)

After the MUFE wait, I decided to go see if I could make it to the front of the Urban Decay booth. That was a mistake. I finally managed to get up there, and I asked after one of the products they had on display. I was told they weren’t selling anything. Well, ok, no problem. What’s the deal then? I never fully had that explained to me, only that they had sign-ups for a mailing list of some sort. Now, mind that I was at the front of a crowd that was at least three deep. I could hardly breathe, let alone move. So I asked the girl for the sign up. She pointed to one side and gave me a dismissive “They’re over there.”

Yeah, no. I understand that you’re really busy with your not selling stuff and that it’s been a long day, but maybe a bit of customer service? It took me how long to wade through that crowd, and you’re telling me to wade through another one? Thanks but no thanks, UD. I’m pretty sure you’ve just lost all of my future business with you.

By that time it was getting to be after four. My back hurt and I’d spent a ridiculous amount of money. I was sad that I’d missed the competition and that the models weren’t walking through the crowd at all. So I did a final turn around the exhibit hall and then headed out.

Overall? I had a great time. I met some really nice guys in the line for MUFE and we looked out for each other and held each other’s places for bathroom breaks and whatnot. I got introduced to some neat new brands, and I got further converted into a fan of ones I already knew about. I can see where it’d be a really good place to network with other MUAs and to check out schools if you’re interested in getting into the business that way.

(I’ll post some of the pictures I took when I get them uploaded off my camera. I just have to find the cord first.)

My, what a fun little book. It’s part comedy of errors in sort of the style of Jane Austen, part romance, and part steampunk. None of which I object to. Overall, it’s a really fun and quick little read.

The book revolves around Alexia Tarrabotti, a young gentlewoman of Italian extraction living in Victorian England.

I started writing this review two months ago. I suck at finishing things. I’m sorry. It was a pretty good book and I’m probably going to read the next one soon. the end.



I keep berating myself for not writing over the past week and a half. i’ll blame it on getting settled in here.

Well, that and the enormous amount of crap I’ve been watching on Netflix Insty-Watch.

So yeah. You can, however, look forward to several book reviews (four, total). And I might talk about some of the shit I’ve been watching. Or at least tell you what it’s all been so as to overwhelm you with the sheer amount of free time I’ve got right now. Or I might talk about cooking.

I’ll try to talk about a few of the places I saw. Savannah, for one. Texas. Carlsbad. Maybe the Grand Canyon (hint: it’s a big hole in the ground. with a stream at the bottom.)

Maybe I’ll detail my intense love of the Cosmetics Company Store, and some of the awesome makeup I picked up along my way. I’ll try to write up the IMATS after I go to that this Saturday.

Oh, and pictures. Lots of pictures.

clearly i lied


I said I was going to start talking aboot my trip today, didn’t I?

Well, it’s not going to happen, alas and alack. I’m dead tired and still need to do a ton of shit around here before my head will settle down enough for me to get to writing.

On the other hand, I’m back using Alice the iMac after ages on little tiny laptot, and that makes me happy. The cold that clearly wasn’t an allergy attack because it hasn’t gone away yet and still sometimes makes me lightheaded, however, makes me tired and not happy. so… yeah. Monday. I promise. I swear!

well, maybe. we’ll see.

well, as it turns out it’s been over a month since I’ve written a single thing on the weblog.

Oops, I guess.

But I’ve been on an adventure, y’all. I don’t even think I remember it all at this point, but I’ll try to recount as much of it as I can remember.

Right now I’m at the end of my trip, at the Grand Canyon. And I’ve got a damned cold, so I’m not doing a damned thing. Figures, eh? But I think I’ve done enough whining about this on facebook, so I will shut up about it, other than to say that I saw the canyon for sunset the other day, and have spent the intervening time in bed.

I talked to my Nannie the other day, and she said it would be nice if I came straight to Ventura instead of going to San Diego first. Which, translated from Grandmother speak is “get yer ass here now.” I think she’s been worrying and is sick of it.

So soon my life will change from hotels and desserts and pictures to… an aerobed and lots of cooking and helping out around the house and walks on the beach. And In N Out! YUM!

Anyway, coming up I’ll tell you all about Savannah and Florida and Texas and friggin’ New Mexico and Arizona. If not tomorrow, then Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow is a driving day, hopefully it will not take me more than 8 hours to get there.

I’m inspired this week to post one of AFP’s vids.

Recent viewing:

The Blah Blah Blah: New Moon – I know, I know. It’s terrible. I mean, look at the source material. And I shouldn’t do this to myself. But it’s got Michael Sheen in it. Sure, he was slummin’ it. Sure, he had weird red contacts, and he was only in about two scenes… but he was so deliciously evil. He very nearly made that movie watchable. Also, and this is really weird, since I read Breaking Dawn right after watching it (get all the torture out of the way all at once, you know), but I find the movies much easier to digest than the books. I spend a lot less time giving myself a headache rolling my eyes at the movies than I did with the books. They might’ve even managed to improve on some of the dialogue. And, bonus, I don’t spend most of my time twitching at the grammar and structure!

The Duchess of Duke Street – I’ve only watched about the first four episodes of this one, but I’m enjoying it so far. Centers around a young woman in Edwardian England. All she wants to do is cook. She gets married because the King notices her and wants her to be his mistress (and when the king wants you, you don’t say no; you also don’t go to the king unmarried, because that would be unseemly. Although I’m pretty sure if the king wanted to have you as a maiden, he could just marry you off after he was done… but then maybe he did that more with the noblewomen than with the commoners); her husband is desperately in love with her. And then he turns to the boozing and the spending because she doesn’t love him even though she told him up front and he knew what he was getting into. He tries to have his way with her; she gives him hell because she’s not feelin’ it. She buys a hotel to try to get him out of his funk of not doing anything; he runs it into the ground. So she kicks him out. She works herself nearly to death trying to get out of debt. Then she falls for a friend and he moves into the hotel to help her get back on her feet.

And that’s just the first four episodes. I LOVE British television. Unless you’re British and/or possibly a generation older than me, you’ll recognize the main character (Gemma Jones) as Bridget Jones’ mum from those two movies, or perhaps as Madame Pomfrey in the last few Harry Potter movies (if you look really hard for her). It’s on Insty-Watch if you want to check it out.

Glee epWhatever: Uh… please don’t shank me, but I don’t love this show. I enjoy it, I really do. But I’m not overly impressed with it. But then, I never have liked musicals all that much. I got really bored with the secret-keeping at the end of the first half of the season, I had a really difficult time with the suspension of disbelief what with the whole fake pregnancy. So… yeah. There’s that. I’m still subscribed to it on Hulu though. So I’m not counting it as a loss yet.