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more apologies


Sorry for the dearth of posting this past week, ma petite chouettes. I spent the first half of the week at my best girl’s house whilst the bathroom here at chez Borden was re-done, and the second half of the week recovering from the EA show on Wednesday. It was awesome, by the way. You […]



This week was supposed to be the week wherein I updated y’all on my awesome trip to California. Only it’s turned out to be not so awesome, and also I’m still here, so I haven’t started writing it up yet. Well, not on here, anyway. I will attempt to start doing so. Tomorrow. Or possibly […]



sorry for the lack of update the past couple days, kids. i’ve had a bit of a cold, and i’ve not been getting much done other than crashing about about eight thirty each night. there’s a piece coming tomorrow, though. don’t fret.