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highlight reel


Highlight Reel; or, Why Am I Not Still There? Thursday: Left work at about noon, drove for approximately forever. I didn’t particularly mind the drive, though. It was a nice change, being totally by myself with my own thoughts for that trip. Good thing I enjoy my own company. Got to the hotel at about […]



the good news: I’ve finally discovered another place in which I feel instantly at home and comfortable. the bad news: it ain’t Baltimore. There will be something about this weekend in Boston, but it’s not going to happen today. I’m having a tough time getting back to regular life; yesterday was unfortunately really rough on […]

Road Trip!


In case you missed it, which I don’t see how you could’ve as I’ve been shouting it from the roof tops, I’m going to Boston this weekend. In fact, I’m leaving at lunch time today. So you probably won’t hear much from me until at least Monday, and more likely Tuesday. You know you’ll miss me. […]