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OK, enough blather about the wedding. It was nice, on to other things. I’m woefully behind on my reading. On the other hand, I’m reading something like four books right now. I never used to do that. There’s the one that I both have a terrible time putting down and sometimes can’t quite bring myself […]

a word on EA


So, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I went to see Emilie Autumn live back in October. It was an amazing show. If you like industrial/goth music, or you really like violin and harpsichord music, or you have major appreciation for highly theatrical concerts, and you have the […]

Oh man. Looks like the end of this month/beginning of December just got a wee bit busier for me. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. (Ha, not. I’ll weep with exhaustion is more like.) First, I found out that EA is playing the 930 Club on November 30th. Are you kidding? OF COURSE I’m going. […]

I’ve been somewhat obsessing over makeup lately. Which, if you’ve met me you probably think is funny, considering I don’t even wear it on a day-to-day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing makeup–some of it anyway. I love eye shadows and glosses and lipsticks. I don’t like foundation. Rather, I have very little […]

I’ve decided to claim the entire month of November for my own this year. My birthday happens to fall just about exactly in the middle, so I’m just taking it all for me. Everything that I do this month shall be referred to in some way shape or form as “Birth Month Celebrations.” So let […]

I bet you were expecting Emilie Autumn this week, considering the gushing I’ve been doing since seeing her last week. But ha! I do know what variety is! And I’ve been trying to not completely OD on her music anyway, as I don’t want to grow tired of it. At least, not yet. So here’s […]

Holy shit, y’all. If I wasn’t already a fan of Emilie Autumn before last Wednesday night, I certainly would be now. As it is, I think I should probably upgrade myself right now to squeeing fangirl status. That said: this isn’t going to be even slightly objective. It’s a write-up of a show done by […]

I have already posted pictures on FB and on my flickr of the EA concert last Wednesday, but to take up another day’s worth of posting without putting too much effort into it, I’m going to post a couple here, too. Cheating? Perhaps. Perhaps I’m just trying really hard to be a good Muffin and […]

more apologies


Sorry for the dearth of posting this past week, ma petite chouettes. I spent the first half of the week at my best girl’s house whilst the bathroom here at chez Borden was re-done, and the second half of the week recovering from the EA show on Wednesday. It was awesome, by the way. You […]

Have I mentioned that I’m mad excited to be seeing Emilie Autumn in October? And I don’t even have to travel outside my own city to do it. I guess that makes me a muffin. I’m also giving serious thought to making sure I have proper corsetry to wear to the show. I was thinking […]