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Everyone should have morning Amos EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DAY. (I miss sharing an office with Dave.) Anyone who uses “imperator” in proper context (i.e. the Imperator of Pop, as Amos calls himself) gets a pass from me.

I’m inspired this week to post one of AFP’s vids.

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to NYC for the weekend. My mom and I are having a girl’s weekend. We’re going to see The Addams Family on Broadway (with the lovely AvB!). But last night I went with Michelle down to DC to see Ted Leo and the […]

This doesn’t really count as “music”, but I had to post. Michelle told me about it on Wednesday when she was poking around in my mouth, and I laughed for a solid minute.

I’m pretty sure this needs no explanation:

this one is ‘cuz Felicia Day is one of the cutest things since ever. And The Guild is really good, even if you’re not a game geek.

Sorry, Shan my dear. I couldn’t find Wank’s “Forgiven” anywhere that I could pull it to post. It’s not on youtube. I was going to post some Smashing Pumpkins, because they actually have about three songs I really like… but everything on youtube is fucking embed disabled. figures. screw you, EMI. so… here’s an And […]

Fastball, baby. I could go for a 90s night sometime soon. Someone make that happen, k?

Chainsaw Maid; perhaps not for the faint of heart. Or those who are or may become pregnant.

Always loved this song.