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To continue in the vein of my current addiction to makeup: I’ve found that my obsession for different types of makeup sort of shifts every now and again. Now, I will always and forever be totally preoccupied with eye shadow. The possibilities are simply endless, and that really thrills me to no end. But I […]

So, I’ve been on a makeup kick lately. By “kick” what I really mean is that I’m utterly obsessed with makeup. There’s just so much of it to choose from, and so many colors that I want to try. Michelle is partly to blame for this; we definitely are a bad influence on each other, […]

Dear Gods of Computers, especially those who specialize in Macs, Please let me be able to get Alice the iMac started up enough this evening to be able to backup my photos and documents from the hard drive. I promise, after I’ve done that, I’ll completely wipe the drive and reinstall OS X. I’ll be […]