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Oh, it’ Tuesday. Gotcha. I still have a really hard time figuring out what day is what and when they happen lately. So. News. Sorta. I’m planning on heading back home on Friday, August the sixth. This is barring unforeseen circumstances. More unforeseen circumstances. I’m not going to be able to stop anywhere or really […]



Since I wanted to get up earlier than I’ve been up in many, many a day on Saturday, I of course couldn’t sleep Friday night. Figures, yes? But I managed to get up almost as early as I wanted. Then it took me ages longer to get out the door to head down to Pasadena. […]

So apparently I need to talk about makeup more often, because it jacks my stats up. Makeup. Makeup makeup makeup! (Also, I think the fact I posted that video of Johnny Weir skating to Poker Face the other day bumped me up as well. I guess I’ll have to talk about the Gaga and controversially-clothed […]

This doesn’t really belong anywhere else but it amused me and I started writing it up and it’s short so you’re getting a second post today. Because that’s how I roll. A Conversation Betwixt Myself and My Mother: Me: I’m going to WalMart Mom: Why? You hate WalMart. Me: Oh, uh, I want to look […]

To continue in the vein of my current addiction to makeup: I’ve found that my obsession for different types of makeup sort of shifts every now and again. Now, I will always and forever be totally preoccupied with eye shadow. The possibilities are simply endless, and that really thrills me to no end. But I […]

So, I’ve been on a makeup kick lately. By “kick” what I really mean is that I’m utterly obsessed with makeup. There’s just so much of it to choose from, and so many colors that I want to try. Michelle is partly to blame for this; we definitely are a bad influence on each other, […]

Rest assured, dear reader, I’ve got plenty to write about for this week. And you’ll have to tune it to see what it’s all about. But for today, well, alas I didn’t get anything really written. So instead I’ll post pictures of things you’re likely not at all interested in. Namely, makeup. I’m a little […]

so, here’s my first shot at a makeup oriented post, beyond the one wherein i talked about talking about makeup some. last Saturday i put together a look that i ended up loving quite a bit. i have all these samples from Aromaleigh that I’ve been working my way through, only I hadn’t had a […]

I’ve been somewhat obsessing over makeup lately. Which, if you’ve met me you probably think is funny, considering I don’t even wear it on a day-to-day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing makeup–some of it anyway. I love eye shadows and glosses and lipsticks. I don’t like foundation. Rather, I have very little […]

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