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I haven’t had much luck so far with the internet dating–no dates have yet occurred or even been planned. I don’t seem to be generating much interest from the males of the population. Boys–seriously? Do I have to be the one with all the balls in this situation? Because I got no problem sending […]


so, as you’ve read by now, I signed up for several interwebs dating sites last week. I’ve already shared my opinions on them. now I’m settling in for the duration, to see what comes of it. I’ve already resigned from both eHarmony and I wasn’t liking how little you could do for free on […]

So, I decided that I’m never going to meet someone if I don’t actually meet any new people. And I have a hard time meeting new people. So, I decided (ok, at the behest of the shrink, as well) to check out a few of the dating websites. I’m not really hoping for anything here, […]