we have an ID-10-T.


So I’m an idiot.

Yeah, why’s that, you’re wondering. And I’ll tell you, just be patient.

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’ve been blathering on and on about going back to school this fall. Oh, it’s going to be awesome, I rave. Oh, I can’t wait. Oh, I’m really looking forward to it. Oh, I’ll be majoring in Museum Conservation. Oh, I’m doing it because I need a bunch of coursework before I can get into a grad program, so I figured I might as well get a second Bachelor’s out of it anyway. Oh, I’m planning on University of Delaware. Oh, it’s going to be badass. Oh, have I mentioned how much I miss school? Oh, I probably won’t be moving quite all the way to Newark, but I’m definitely looking forward to moving out of the house and being on my own again, for sure.

Oh, I completely missed the deadline for fall ’09 transfer admission.

Like I said: idiot.

*sigh* Turns out the deadline was May 1, not May 31 like I was thinking it was.

So, it looks like I’ll be amending my plans slightly; I’ll be going back to school in the spring. I’m mad at myself, but not furious. This will give me a bit of extra time to get my shit together, get a place to live, maybe get a second job, that sort of thing. And it means I have no excuse but to have a really kickass essay and all that shit when I do turn all this stuff in.

(Yes, I realize that it’s Saturday and I’ve not yet posted this week’s Dollhouse recap. It’ll be up, but it’s probably going to be late, because I haven’t watched it yet, and I have a busy day today. And then Star Trek. There will probably be a gushy post about that, too!)


4 Responses to “we have an ID-10-T.”

  1. 1 Optimus Rhyme

    Dollhouse has evolved from some nice little episodes of the week to full out compelling television. I am considering drastic surgery so I could have Alan Tudyk’s babies.

    • 2 lizzie

      yeah, i would definitely have Alan’s love-babies. i am going to go watch it now; i’ve cleared out most of the crap for the day, til dinner and star trek later. i’ll try to post this afternoon, but it might not be til tomorrow.

      • 3 Optimus Rhyme

        Ohhh Trek is goooooood.

  2. 4 Optimus Rhyme

    Oh and I feel so bad about your mishap. I’ve been in the same place before when I was trying to register for classes. Then by the time I realized my mistake, the freshman had already snapped up all the primo classes. Made for a terrible schedule.

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