the dollhouse schedule, for those of you who care


Here’s the deal, kids: I have discs one and two of Dollhouse S1 sitting here waiting to be watched. So I am going to start watching that this weekend, and write up each episode.

Well, I’m not honestly sure “write up” is quite the right phrase for what I’ve got in mind.

I’m likely not going to do true recaps, because I don’t have the energy or any particular desire to do that. I never managed to do really real recaps the first time (despite the fact this lovely little corner of the tubes was started for that purpose), so why should I bother this time? Mostly I want the discussion betwixt fans/watchers/detractors that was the purpose behind the idea of doing recaps. Also, I want to see if I like the first six episodes or so more the second time around than I did the first.

Damn, y’all never really did much discussing, either, did you? Sheesh. How’s about you get on that this time around, hmm?

I will probably steal a format from a friend, and do a sort of pseudo analysis, opinion-based summary thing. Sound good to you?

Well, too bad, I’m doing it anyway. So there. The first few episodes should be posted next week at various times as I schedule them/feel like it.

Anyway, for now I’m going back to The Court of the Air. (You should be reading this one as well. You can wait til you’ve finished The Lies of Locke Lamora, though.)


5 Responses to “the dollhouse schedule, for those of you who care”

  1. Lizzie bean, I am sorry I have not commented on your blog in along time! I am delighted for you to do this, and hopefully will procure my very own copy of the DVDs at some point in the near future, so I will be able to actually discuss.

    In other words, do it! DO IT!

    • No worries, darlin. I haven’t written much in a long time! This week was the first I managed to do much of anything in AGES.

      I’m going to start watching tomorrow. SO *hopefully* I will post at least once or twice about and ep or three this week.

  2. Oh, also, I do like your friend’s format (though I disagree with some of his points, but then, I’m a little forgiving of some of them because of how I’m a total geek for the series. Format is useful, though).

  3. 4 Spender

    Lizzie! I can’t wait for your recaps of “Dollhouse”.
    I know, people hate the Dushku but I watched the show for the Whedonesque goodness and for the….*no spoilers*. Never mind.
    And THANK YOU for the chat.
    It came at a time when it was most needed and is appreciated beyond anything which can be measured in words.

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