and Ted makes three


Oh man. Looks like the end of this month/beginning of December just got a wee bit busier for me. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. (Ha, not. I’ll weep with exhaustion is more like.)

First, I found out that EA is playing the 930 Club on November 30th. Are you kidding? OF COURSE I’m going. How could I not? It’s a Monday, and I’ll probably have to leave pretty directly from work, so I will likely not be in a corset that evening. Oh well, I’ll have my camera and a big stupid grin on.

And I’ll probably buy another t-shirt.

Then, the following Saturday, Rob Zombie is playing the same club. At least it’s a Saturday. Because damned if I’m not super psyched to go see Rob Zombie. Should be a ridiculous and crazy show. Woo!

Two shows in one week! I am a wild and crazy girl!

Then I discovered that December 1 is the first available day for me to take the GRE. I really don’t want to put that off any longer, so I’ll be all registered for that by the end of the week (which is last week to when you’re reading this, so I better be all registered already. Shit, I need a review book).

OK, so I’ll have to take off a day to go take that. I’m debating if I should take it the first or the second. I’m pretty sure I should wait til the second, due to planning on going to DC for a show the night before.

So that’s decided.

Then. AND THEN I went and checked Ted Leo’s site today. Why, you ask? Well, because I heart me some Ted Leo, and I missed him the last time he was in town. I wonder if he’s playing around here any time soon, I thought to myself, doubting that he would be.

Well, he is.

He’s playing on December 3rd in DC.


Can I do three shows in one week? Without dying or crying from exhaustion, that is? Can I do three shows in one week AND TAKE THE GRE?

You, dear reader, shall find out the second week in December.



One Response to “and Ted makes three”

  1. I cannot even begin to imagine having this kind of energy.

    Good Luck!! (Especially on the GRE!! WhoooooO!)

    P.S. Rob Zombie?! AvB = jealous.

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