Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And I half forgot it for the first few hours of the day. You’ll forgive me for saying so, but I’ve long not been the biggest proponent of this particular holiday. Call me a cynic, call me bitter, whatever; I just don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense. Personally, I have no plans on ever becoming that particular sort of woman who gauges her man’s love entirely by how he treats her on one day a year. Especially after spending several years working in a chocolate store. Some of those guys were enough to make one swoon, sure, but there was no joy in it for a lot of them, and I really don’t see the point in putting anyone through that, man or woman. I don’t need candy or roses (though both are nice).

Actually, if you want to buy me flowers, go the extra mile: realize that I have a cat, and she will eat whatever you happen to bring me. Do a bit of research and get something that won’t have me packing for the ER. But I won’t mind if you choose not to get flowers at all. If I were dating someone this year, I would’ve brought it up long since to explain that I don’t expect all the trappings of the day. I would hope that I’m dating the sort of guy who likes to do those somewhat silly little things that I enjoy doing to show someone you care.

In fact, let this here serve as a field guide for any future gentleman callers I might have:

I’d rather stay in for Valentine’s day. You might be a die-hard romantic under that awesome sense of humor of yours, but I’d rather stay in than brave the ridiculous crowds or sit in some restaurant eating a prixe fixe menu that I might not even like. We can go out to eat any ol’ time, let’s make tonight about more than that.

I’ll make us a wonderful dessert. Make an request you like, and I’ll do my best to accommodate it. If you’re one of those strange guys who doesn’t like dessert all that  much, then I’ll make somehting I like. It’ll probably be along the lines of cookies or a pie of some kind. And yes, I will make you try it, but I won’t make you eat a lot of it. Because, in case you were wondering, of course I’m doing something for you on Valentine’s Day–and if it’s not the dessert, I’ll come up with something else. Shouldn’t it go both ways?

Let’s order sushi, ok? We’ll get a veritable feast and stuff ourselves and each other full of yummy raw fish and veggies and rice and seaweed. And hopefully eel sauce will be involved, because I love eel sauce.

We’ll get a few movies; we can go shopping in my collection, or pick a few off the Netflix queue special. Let’s make them horror movies, so I have an excuse to cuddle up real close to you and pretend I need you to hold me and keep me safe, even if I am maniacally giggling along as the silly coeds bite it in ever more creative ways. Hey, my morbid sense of humor is one of the things you like about me, right?

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful sort of Valentine’s Day? Keep that in mind, future gentleman callers. This year, I bought myself a new game for my DS for Valentine’s Day. And Zombieland on DVD. And spent most of the afternoon cuddled up in bed watching the teevee. It was quite a nice afternoon.


2 Responses to “VDay”

  1. That sounds awesome! 🙂 Jim did a lot of homework yesterday. I did laundry. Then we had dinner at his grandmom’s, which meant we ordered Chinese and took it over with us. Then we played bingo with the family. I watched some figure skating silliness then went to sleep. For dessert, I made myself a s’more. We had SAID we weren’t doing presents, but he ordered me a book. xoxo.

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