where’s my sharpie, i need to draw on my bitch-brows


Yesterday I went to the eye doctor. I was nervous about it, because the last time I was there I had a less than stellar existence. At the time I was working at the university, and while they don’t offer vision insurance, they do offer the benefit of a free eye exam with one of their ophthalmologists once ever two years, gratis. Now, this is a big university with a world famous hospital attached to it. So it’s not like you’re seeing the corner hack.

Unfortunately, the doctor I saw had the personality to fit the credentials of this particular hospital. Namely, he was an ass. It happens often with brilliant folks, especially with doctors. Especially especially with the doctors at this place.

Anyway, his bedside manner sucked; he spent the latter half of our appointment lecturing me on my blood sugar. I wasn’t able to get in a word edgewise, not that I believe he really would’ve listened. He lectured me at length on testing my blood sugar and keeping it in control. As if I don’t spend every day of my life worrying about my blood sugar control and complications of the diabeetus. Jackass.

So… yeah. I suppose I’d been putting off going back to the doctor, but I knew it needed to be done. I was worried that the touch of retinopathy I had would’ve blown up.

Luckily, however, I’ve been doing something right. And the doc I saw today was aces compared to that other guy. I told her about the previous appointment and that I was obviously a little worried about further retinopathy, so she made sure to look for it, and told me that she might not have even noticed it if I hadn’t mentioned it. She said that for someone that’s been diabetic for eleven years, it’s to be expected that there is a small amount of damage but that mine is minimal at most.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that.

So I get a clean bill for now. She also sympathized with me on the lecture I’d received. She said she could understand if I was a 60 year old grandmother who’d only just been diagnosed, then maybe I’d have needed that lecture, but as a juvenile (aka Type 1) diabetic, I already knew all about testing and the possibilities of complications.

And it’s not as though I haven’t watched what complications can do to a person.

After the appointment, I went over to Towson to the Lens Crafters to get glasses. I was lucky enough to find a pair of frames on ebay that I absolutely ADORE (thanks to the lovely Kolby for that), so I took those in and they said it wouldn’t be a problem to get lenses cut for them. I also bought Rx sunglasses for the first time in my life. Generally I’ve been OK wearing regular sunglasses if I’m just out on a sunny day, but my vision is a bit worse than it used to be, and also I desperately need sunglasses when I’m driving. The glare gives me a killer headache and makes me all squinty eyed.

Unfortunately the pair that I picked out are RayBan glasses. The frames weren’t very expensive, but the lenses are. I’m glad I caught the sale, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford them.

So that’s one more thing I can cross off my list of things that need to be done before I leave for California. Now I just have to write the rest of the list so I can remember to get everything else done!

these are the frames I fell in love with

and these are the ones I got.

Unfortunately, they don’t make me look like Christina Hendricks. 😉

Also unfortunately, the drops that they put in your eyes to dilate them gives me a pretty brutal headache. Boo for that.


2 Responses to “where’s my sharpie, i need to draw on my bitch-brows”

  1. Christina hendricks definitely pulls off the sexy librarian look and you don’t look to bad yourself, I like the new glasses.

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