Happy Birth Month To ME.


I’ve decided to claim the entire month of November for my own this year. My birthday happens to fall just about exactly in the middle, so I’m just taking it all for me. Everything that I do this month shall be referred to in some way shape or form as “Birth Month Celebrations.”

So let it be written, so let it be done. Huzzah!

The month shall start out relatively low-key. I’m hoping to get together this Friday with my best girl Jessie to have drinkies after work. We’ll probably end up somewhere in Bel Air. Nothing major, that, but I get to spend time with my bestie, so that makes me happy. That Saturday is my next day of volunteering at the Walters, so I’ll be out and about that morning, greeting people and putting all that customer service training to the test. Also, I’ll be wearing sneakers, because my feet hurt like holy hell by the end of the day last time I was there.

I have two friends with birthdays on the 5th and 6th, so I imagine there will be shenanigans going on for one or the other; I’m not sure if it’ll be both, however. Maybe something Saturday evening, if I can finagle it!

The following Friday is, of course, my actual birthday.

I would like to take a moment here to point out that my birthday is on a Friday this year. A Friday the 13th, in case you haven’t just checked a calendar and seen that. I haven’t had my birthday on a Friday since I turned nine, and I’ve been looking forward to this for years. Because I’m like that. Happy Birthday to me. And to Sarina, who is far more eeevil than I am, but clearly just as awesome as me for having the same birthday.

Also, I would like to point out that I was actually born on a Friday the 13th. If you were looking for a reason I’m such a whack job, there it is. Hee!

I’m hoping to get a large-ish group of friends together to go out to dinner and do a bit of bar-hopping that evening. I’m thinking we’ll get sushi to eat, and then go check out some places down town. I’ve been meaning to check out Ale Mary’s for literal ages, so I think a stop there is in order. After that, who knows.

The rest of the weekend I will likely spend recovering. However, the following Wednesday, Amanda Fucking Palmer is playing in Philly, so I’m going up for that. I’ve wanted to see her live for, again, ages; so I shall be sacrificing precious sleep to see her. And Julie’s going with me!

After that, there’s Thanksgiving. JP and I have tentative plans to do… something that weekend. Not sure what yet. Whatever, it shall be an extension of my birthday!

And to close out the month, EA is playing the 930 Club in DC on the 30th. You betcher ass I’m going to see her again.

I will be spending the month of December recovering from all this awesome. Except for Friday the 5th, when Rob Zombie is playing at the 930 Club. I’m planning on that concert as well. Lots of shows coming up! w00t!

And just because I’m all about the pictures lately, here’s one of the best pictures I’ve taken in a really long time:



4 Responses to “Happy Birth Month To ME.”

  1. Damn, that’s some picture there! Living close to the ocean or near mountains is kinda like cheating though. Just sayin’.

    • yanno, i’d be inclined to agree with you re: cheating, if it weren’t for the fact that a) i live more than a hundred miles from the Atlantic Ocean and b) this is the Pacific Ocean.

      So, yanno. There. :p

  2. What the hell?!?!? Why is my name in PINK!!!!

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