Book 9: Changes, by Jim Butcher


In case you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to get really invested in the books I read. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Dresden Files.

I got up the Tuesday it was released, got dressed and went out to buy it. I was finished reading it, and practically in tears, by the end of the day. More than any previous Dresden novel, this one is intense. Intense and heartbreaking. And then it just ends! No closure, just a great big ol’ fucking cliffhanger.

Jim Butcher, you are on my list. You are on my list until the second or third Tuesday of next April when the thirteenth book in the series comes out. *glare*

So anyway; Butcher is really getting into the swing of things at this point. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, there are going to be right around twenty five books in the series total. About twenty two of them are going to be regular Harry Dresden books, with an Apocolyptic trilogy to finish things out. So we know that Jim’s got a plan. And I love that about this series: slowly things are coming together, and it’s clear as one reads that our esteemed author has many many tricks still up his sleeve, and knows what he’s on about. Things and characters pop up that we’ve all but forgotten about.

Take, for instance, the first page of this book. Harry receives a call from none other than Susan Rodriguez, one time lover and almost a Red Court vampire. You see, the Court has kidnapped their child. That’s right, Harry’s a father.

So things get a bit crazy. To say the least. Then the Leanansidhe shows up. Oh, and Queen Mab too.

As per usual, I must bow out before revealing much of the plot in lieu of begging and pleading for you to go back to book one, Storm Front, and start reading there. It’s possible to read many of these out of order, but by the point of about White Knight, you should really make sure you’re mostly caught up and you should proceed in order from that point, if you want to be able to follow along with the twists and turns. If you want to know who Molly Carpenter and Morgan LeFay and Ebenezer McCoy are; if you want to know what happened to Morgan and why. If you want to understand what it does to Harry Dresden to find out that he has a daughter that he never knew about.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get to reading. Posthaste.


One Response to “Book 9: Changes, by Jim Butcher”

  1. I already read all the books in chronological order! 😀

    Huge Dresden Files fan here. I have been pestering the local library to buy the book ASAP so I can borrow it!

    Red court vampires + fairies = award-winning fiction. I prefer seeing the slaughter of Red Court vampires with wizardly brutality to the political machinations of the White Court, so I have a feeling this book will be my favorite.

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