Since I wanted to get up earlier than I’ve been up in many, many a day on Saturday, I of course couldn’t sleep Friday night. Figures, yes? But I managed to get up almost as early as I wanted. Then it took me ages longer to get out the door to head down to Pasadena.

Luckily, I didn’t hit any traffic on the way down. Now, normal places you wouldn’t dream of there being actual traffic at eight on a Saturday morning, but lest you forget this IS Southern California, where the traffic gods like to fuck with people at all times of day.

I waited patiently in the long-ass will call line for about an hour. This place was jumpin; there were people who practically had “i’m a super cool makeup artiste” tattooed across their foreheads (along with their myriad other tattoos) all over the place, along with the people who were clearly like me, mostly there for the pretty and for the show discount.

I had wanted to sit in on a couple of the classes, but I didn’t get a chance to. At first I wasn’t even going to attempt the MAC or the MUFE booths, as both were INSANITY ITSELF. I ended up spending three hours in line for MUFE. By the time I got about halfway through, I didn’t want to give up. By the time I got to the end, I wanted to make sure I made it worth my while.

But that’s later in the afternoon. I did a round through the crazy crowded exhibit hall, bought some brushes and a couple other things (stuff from LA Splash, Jane Iredale and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) and I went to lunch across the street. I managed to get a few in-progress pictures of the student competition models, but I missed the main showcase because I was in line for MUFE.

I got a bunch of lab shines and aqua creams from the Make Up For Ever booth. Great discount. Super popular stuff. A couple of eye liners and one of the gold metal collection thingers. I got the one that I thought was most coppery, as I don’t have the tan to pull off true gold. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end up making me look like I have jaundice when I put it on (if so, it’s all yours Michelle!)

What else? Oh! I saw a couple famous people. Well, probably not really truly famous, but I knew who they were. Caught sight of a group of girls all dressed like they were Goth versions of Fruits girls from Japan. Once I spotted the sticker one of them was sporting I realized that the one girl was Amy slash Shrinkle, the creator of Sugarpill Cosmetics. Also, I saw Josh of Petrilude. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to snag him for a picture. Alas and alack. (He’s tiny in person. Also, super gorgeous.)

After the MUFE wait, I decided to go see if I could make it to the front of the Urban Decay booth. That was a mistake. I finally managed to get up there, and I asked after one of the products they had on display. I was told they weren’t selling anything. Well, ok, no problem. What’s the deal then? I never fully had that explained to me, only that they had sign-ups for a mailing list of some sort. Now, mind that I was at the front of a crowd that was at least three deep. I could hardly breathe, let alone move. So I asked the girl for the sign up. She pointed to one side and gave me a dismissive “They’re over there.”

Yeah, no. I understand that you’re really busy with your not selling stuff and that it’s been a long day, but maybe a bit of customer service? It took me how long to wade through that crowd, and you’re telling me to wade through another one? Thanks but no thanks, UD. I’m pretty sure you’ve just lost all of my future business with you.

By that time it was getting to be after four. My back hurt and I’d spent a ridiculous amount of money. I was sad that I’d missed the competition and that the models weren’t walking through the crowd at all. So I did a final turn around the exhibit hall and then headed out.

Overall? I had a great time. I met some really nice guys in the line for MUFE and we looked out for each other and held each other’s places for bathroom breaks and whatnot. I got introduced to some neat new brands, and I got further converted into a fan of ones I already knew about. I can see where it’d be a really good place to network with other MUAs and to check out schools if you’re interested in getting into the business that way.

(I’ll post some of the pictures I took when I get them uploaded off my camera. I just have to find the cord first.)


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